Welcome to ANTMAR IT Consultants

ANTMAR is here to help you with your IT solutions without over-stretching your budget!

We realise that some people really don't know where to start when it comes to 'IT' and 'the internet' and feel that getting help may cost them a small fortune, but that really isn't the case.  Here at ANTMAR we provide IT training, give advice on what IT equipment you should purchase, install your broadband package or build you a website at a price that you will struggle to beat elsewhere.

We provide a range of IT Services for individuals or companies, ranging from advice on what hardware to buy through to full web-based IT solutions such as full problem management tools using our php and MySQL expertise.

Our Commitment

We believe that everyone should receive from us a service they are happy with and we are fully committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied with the results.

Whether you want a small website (maybe even just a single page!) or something far more advanced, we aim to provide something you can be proud of.

We will guide you through the steps it takes to get your site out there on the web for all to see.

“We believe in providing our customers with something that meets their requirements at minimum cost.”